You're not alone. Here's my story.

I am a mindset and fitness transformation revolutionary who helps women break the chains holding them back from becoming the most badass versions of themselves.

Women who can go forward and conquer any goal they set, including loving their body and skin at every stage of transformation.

I specialize in uncovering limiting beliefs that are so deeply rooted, they are preventing you from taking the most daring steps to get you to the most satisfying places. I am a star at then taking your newly revolutionized and primed for success mindset and pair it with my metabolic calibration approach to accelerate fat loss and muscle gain.

Believe me, this isn't your typical be positive, focus on the end goal, cut calories, move more crap.

I know from experience, that doesn't work.

If it did, I wouldn't have fallen into depression and suicidal thoughts. A journey I have been on for over 20 years...

At 8 years old, I discovered that I was borderline obese. I was immediately thrown into sports and banned from eating anything “unhealthy,” mainly chips, cookies, crackers etc. I was the only kid at school with her lunchbox full of carrots and broccoli rather than a peanut butter sandwich and a juice box.

I was yelled at to stop watching television and go “be healthy” by running or walking outside, not sitting in the house. Believe me, watching my little brother dig his hand into a bag of Cheetos and stuff his face with them was not easy. The playground was no easier.

My friends told me I was ugly and fat to my face, with these commentaries, behind-my-back chats, and bullying continuing through high school.

On the outside, I acted like the most confident person on the planet. A steel exterior, you couldn’t break through. You might think, wow, fake till you make it and you made it!

Oh no, not even close. Being that way ate me through and through. I felt fake, unheard, unseen, and cursed to have to live this way. My low self-esteem caused me to fall victim to every quick diet scheme, influencer workout, skinny tea, and trainer promising incredible results in just 6 weeks. I would starve myself, workout 3 times a day 5 days a week, and run for hours on the treadmill with no results to show for it.

I had no desire to go out, meet my friends, or even talk to anyone. I fell into an abyss of body shaming, body dysmorphia, and a dangerous obsession with perfectionism, which led me to almost ending my life.

It wasn’t until I read this quote, that my life and perspective would change forever.

“If you let others control your life, you will never live one.”

I realized the reason I felt this way was because I was too busy trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations of me, rather than my own version of me.

I had no idea who I was or what I even wanted.

I decided that if I was going to not only thrive, but even just survive, I had to take the first step to discovering ME.

Thank God, I took that first step.

Who I Am Today

I have complete power and confidence in the decisions I make.

I am no longer affected by the opinions others have of me.

I know my worth and never feel unworthy around other successful people.

I love the skin and body I am in and am not afraid to show it.

I am not ashamed of my past and instead am proud of where I have come from and who I have become.

I am the happiest I have ever been in 20 years and have the will and desire to live again.

I am putting my time and energy where it matters: on my dreams, potential, and happiness.

I have the power to say no and stop over giving to others.

I am constantly achieving my fitness goals, equipped with the right science-backed approach.

I am excited by new opportunities and not daunted or overwhelmed by them.

This is all possible for you.